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Computer Science YouTubes, Resources & Reference Material

Start Here... "Try it" examples for html, css, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SQL, and more.

Learning Web Development by Mozilla Developer Network (Firefox) HTML, CSS, JavaScript

YouTube! This is my (Lisa Friedrichsen) channel.

Web Glossaries and References

glossary of glossaries for web designers and web developers

web design terms

essential web developer terms

HTML Beginner's Guide, a Step-by-step Introduction to HTML and creating a simple page.

HTML Cheat Sheet

Tools, Guides, and Tutorials for web developers

Free WEB Tutorials and Resources for Web Developers

html-5-tutorial resources

html, css, JavaScript tutorials

Chrome developer tools by Pluralsite

Learn Enough Command Line to be Dangerous by Hartl

Learn Enough Text Editor to be Dangerous by Hartl

Learn Enough Git to be Dangerous by Hartl a place to practice html, css, and JavaScript

Free Resources for JavaScript "The Modern JavaScript Tutorial" (ebook) - Lisa Recommends!

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - The First 3.5 Hours (YouTube) by Tony Alicea - Lisa Recommends!

Eloquent JavaScript (ebook) by Marijn Haverbeke

You Don't Know JavaScript (ebooks) by Kyle Simpson

JavaScript - The Better Parts (41 min vimeo) by Douglas Crockford

The Two Pillars of JavaScript (ebook) by Eric Elliot

What's new in ECMAScript 6 (the latest version of JavaScript)

Free Resources for CSS

BEM for Block Element Modifier - a methodology and naming convention to write better front-end code

Free Resources for all kinds of programming languages Q&A site for programmers (everything from HTML through back-end)

Tutorials for Database Skills!

Free SQL book

Interactive SQL training

SQL tutorial

Understanding the relationships in relational databases!

Full Stack Curriculum

Coding Bootcamp 101

Full-stack web app development 101

The Odin Project Uses Ruby/Rails for server-side development Uses server-side JavaScript.

Tutorials and Reference Materials for Ruby/Rails

Ruby on Rails

Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

Jump Start Lab for Ruby/Rails

Free CyberSecurity Courses

SANS Cyber Aces Online

Pivot projects, cybersecurity challenges and labs

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Info

Skills, tests, resources

Tutorials for everything under the sun (math, equations, knowledge)

MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and more...

List of MOOCs

Top 50 online courses

Open Educational Resources

Free book center

Random Good Stuff

Web Site Setup - excellent startup articles on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Semantic html and SEO (search engine optimization)

How to write meaningful SEO meta tags

How Google works

Net Neutrality and how the Internet REALLY works

Net Neutrality Myths

10 steps to a perfect electronic portfolio site

CSS Float vs. inline-block

Kansas City technical users groups

Client side (front end) vs. server-side (back end) web technologies

Responsive Web Design YouTube

Shay Howe (wonderful author) ebook -- This is a favorite chapter on inline vs. block content, box model, float

My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch -- Great article! Full of great resources. Do not miss the ending!


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