projects: WEB 124 JavaScript II

  1. Sign up for the free course using your JCCC student email. This site teaches "vanilla" JavaScript.
  2. Download the data and solution files.
  3. Watch the Wes Bos youtubes on the 30 projects and note the ones that interest you the most.
  4. Watch these three youtubes for instructions on how to "improve" the exercises and submit your weekly JavaScript30 project:
  5. You may pick any 5 of the projects to improve! Your choice! Get started early and have fun!!
  6. Post the three files (html, css, js) for each project (and any supporting files such as jpg, png, so forth) to the student web server and put the corresponding URL to the html file in the weekly JavaScript30 drop box.
  7. The grading rubric for these projects will follow this guide:
    • 20: Great effort
      • documented your name and date at the top of all files
      • documented source of all code and other content
      • documented what was new or challenging
      • significant modifications/improvements to html
      • significant modifications/improvements to css
      • significant modifications/improvements to js
    • 10: Some good positive effort
    • 0: Not submitted, very few updates, or doesn't work
  8. Note color coding: keyword, blue: HTML, pink: CSS, green: JavaScript, black: general instructions)